Fear of Death While Living in a Pandemic

                                           Fear of Death While Living in a Pandemic

This takes us to the ultimate fact - there's not anything to worry!

However, this doesn't mean that we need to not worry.

Fear is a messenger in the identical manner that ache is a messenger inviting us to analyze and find out what is incorrect.

Fear seems while we forget what is actual, actual, enormous, critical, permanent about ourselves and the sector.

Fear is our healthy resistance to what we do no longer need - soreness, harm, ache, struggling, illness and dying.

Yet these are inevitable in our human revel in. These are reviews that we have all had countless instances (besides for death), that we have survived and found out from and will continue to survive and study from till we die. We want now not fear them, but we do need to face up to and keep away from them, and fear is the form our resistance takes.

Now we arrive at the only revel in we have in no way experienced, but which all of us dread - dying. Our existential fear of demise is our resistance to our demise. Why face up to it while it is inevitable? This is not to suggest that we no longer do the whole thing to keep away from and withstand bad, risky conditions by means of taking care and appearing in methods that make us safe. But, why withstand demise?

Our resistance to loss of life results in imagining crazy things like, "There is a right time and a proper manner to die, and a wrong time and a incorrect way to die". In truth, demise appears always in all ways. For many it's been and will be the COVID-19 virus. For many, 20,000 or so this 12 months on my own, it has been the flu. For 3.1 million youngsters every 12 months consistent with UNCIEF (1.03 million this yr on my own) it's miles undernourishment.

We can learn, step by step or all of sudden, to live our life with no resistance to demise - our own and our cherished ones'. Imagine what it would be like to live our lifestyles that manner - with out resisting the truth that sooner or later we are able to die at the same time as by no means understanding while or how; and not resisting the ache of loss, that's made from the love for our loved ones. As dying is inevitable, we are able to come to savor the reality that we were born and are nevertheless here and get pleasure from each second we've got left. This is what we arrive at whilst we welcome our fear of demise, find out that worry is nothing to fear, and that in fact there may be nothing to fear.

While this means that we want no longer be afraid, it does no longer advocate that we must now not enjoy fear. Again, worry, like pain, is a messenger that invites us to explore what is incorrect and exposes our resistance to some thing. There are many stuff we should resist within the interest of fitness and safety - like resisting being in close proximity to others in the course of this pandemic.

We recognise that the frame will die, and we accept as true with that once the body dies we die due to the fact we accept as true with that every one we're is the frame. We anticipate it is a fact that the frame is the source of focus - the attention with which we're aware about all revel in and our selves. In fact, it's far a presumption, now not a reality. No one has ever seen recognition coming out of the mind, or sensations coming out of the body. It is a truth of our enjoy that we're conscious and that we experience and understand; however it's far a idea that the frame is the source of these.

This principle, presumed to be a reality, comes from the plain correlation among the mind and experience. Affect the mind and we affect enjoy. Kill the body and there may be no greater experience for this character. (There is no experience for any person in deep sleep, yet we do now not say the Self has disappeared/died). However, this is no special that affecting our computer systems and monitors and affecting the data this is experienced, after which concluding that the monitor and pc are the source or cause of the information. Could it's that the body is like the pc, a local, "non-public" manner thru which we get right of entry to the bandwidth of usual, impersonal facts this is to be had to all computers; and just as that bandwidth of facts stays while the laptop dies, so Being, Awareness, "I" stays?

The reality that everyone as "individuals" lengthy for everlasting life and most folks consider in existence after dying or reincarnation may be a clue in our minds and feelings that we aren't sincerely the body, that the frame isn't always the source of attention, and that once the frame dies we, awareness do now not disappear any extra than the bandwidth of information disappears whilst a computer, computer, tablet, or smart phone dies.

Awareness is the supply of all enjoy. This is easy to check. Remove recognition from any enjoy and wherein is there any experience? Our revel in of what concept labels the frame, thoughts and world is our experience of feeling, sensing, wondering, imagining, and perceiving. Remove cognizance and in which is the experience of feeling, sensing, thinking, imagining, and perceiving? Experience inform us that cognizance is the supply of all experience, which idea then labels body, mind, and international.

Nothing in revel in shows that the body is the supply of consciousness. This is a universally shared concept presumed to be a truth. It is not our actual, immediate, intimate experience. That the earth is flat and that the solar revolves across the earth have been also universally shared thoughts taken to be facts (nevertheless executed so via some). Our conviction that something is genuine does now not make it so, although it makes it seem actual simply as our dreams do until we unsleeping.

No one has ever, or ought to ever enjoy the advent or disappearance of focus - our Self. Thought imagines that consciousness seems and disappears. However, while we do no longer refer to notion, but keep on with our real, lived, intimate, instantaneous revel in, we recognize that we have never and could by no means enjoy the advent and disappearance of consciousness itself. What could ought to be present to assert to revel in the appearance and disappearance of cognizance? Why, attention, of direction!

Thought imagines that the whole thing have to have a reason, and this is proper besides for the "authentic reason". If be counted "brought about" attention, what induced remember? If the huge bang induced depend, what precipitated the huge bang? Staying proper to our real, instant, intimate experience we know that awareness surely is and has no cause; it simply is. We have in no way experienced its look, and we've got by no means skilled it's disappearance. It is simplest notion that imagines recognition appears and disappears, now not our real revel in. We can think of this as causeless motive. If we want to think religiously we will ask, "What prompted God?"

In brief, we haven't any proof in our real experience that once the frame dies we, the Self, awareness dies. Even if we do cease to exist while we die, what is there to fear? From that version, we did now not exist prior to idea, and that was not a trouble, or scary. Why could ceasing to exist then be scary? We come returned to the realization that demise is nothing to fear, either because there is no demise, or due to the fact ceasing to exist is not any greater complicated than not existing before concept.

To summarize, the truth is that we have nothing to fear, and fear is not anything to worry. Yet fear is a healthful reaction in the same manner that ache is. It gets our attention so we can investigate and heal what is inaccurate when viable. When it comes to our emotional misery, what is wrong is that we are overlooking our genuine nature - that that is aware about our revel in. When we discover the character of this cognizance that we are from our instant, intimate enjoy, we word it is ever-gift, having been gift from our very first enjoy, being gift studying these phrases, and can be gift at our remaining experience. We be aware that it isn't an item with form and region. In other words it is eternal and infinite. We word that no experience can decrease or beautify it, this is, it's far changeless. Nothing can damage it. It needs nothing even as understanding the whole lot. It is unfastened from all enjoy even as intimate with all experience. Thus, to characterize awareness, it's far safe, at peace, comfortable and self-fulfilled. This is, in fact our authentic nature.

When we overlook our genuine Self, recognition, we consider and feel that we are restricted, prone, lacking, separate, needy people and are searching for to find peace, happiness, safety, comfort and fulfillment from things out of doors of ourselves like relationships, objects, situations, activities, materials, accomplishments, status, and many others. No surprise fear appears! Remember, worry is a messenger. When we accept as true with and sense that safety, peace and happiness are lacking, wee want to search for these, however we need to look in the proper course. No one is interested by temporary safety, happiness and fulfillment we already experience this. What we lengthy for is abiding, everlasting peace, protection, comfort, happiness, fulfilment.=. To seek what is permanent from that that is brief is, properly, you fill inside the blank.