Covid-19 Email Responses to Use Now

Couple of things to remember about this challenging time:

1) Don't stress people right now. The demanding situations your potentialities are going via are the equal ones you're. If now is not an excellent time for them, recognize that! Be involved about how they're doing and ask them how they are getting along. 
2) Respect the time frames they're providing you with-and then time table a call "simply to check in" on the time they propose. 
Covid-19 Email Responses to Use Now

Three) Gently remind them this example is temporary, and point to the development nations like China, South Korea and Japan are making in decreasing the unfold of the virus. 
4) Suggest, again lightly, that you will attain out once more in the upcoming weeks...

Here are a few emails you will be getting, and a few recommended wording in your responses to them:

Email from Prospect #1:


"I haven't any updates for your proposal due to the fact our offices are closed, and we're all working remotely. Frankly, this isn't a top priority for us right now... "


"Thanks for getting lower back to me during these tough times! I hope you and your family are staying safe...

"I'll check again in with you in more than one weeks just to look how you're getting along.

"Until then, be nicely!"

Email from Prospect #2:


"Sorry about my lack of reaction, but it is been loopy right here!

"For the time being, we've got determined to attention on our present day market and aren't going to be searching into exceptional markets proper now.

"While I in reality liked what you needed to offer, our board has made the decision to wait on whatever new till the coronavirus performs itself out.

"I will keep in contact as things trade... "


"Thanks for maintaining in contact with me. Yes, that is an unfolding and unexpected state of affairs, so I absolutely apprehend your enterprise's selection to pay attention on the local market in the intervening time.

"Things will alternate, as you already know-for example, China has already been able to prevent the unfold of this (as has South Korea), and I experience this could hold (desire so!).

"Let's contact base in multiple weeks just to examine notes. How does next Tuesday, April 7th sound to you?"

Email from Prospect #3:


"I have acquired your emails...

"We have seemed into your corporation earlier than-and different carriers like yours-and we just have not seen your form of answer running for us.

"In addition, we are in full crisis mode right here, as you may imagine, so we are not thinking about something new like this for now.

"Hope you understand."


NOTE: The Red Flag that they have "looked into your enterprise earlier than" and "we just haven't visible your type of answer operating for us... "is some thing you want to weigh closely in determining whether or not or now not that is a true suit in your business enterprise or carrier...

My reaction would be:

"Thanks for your e mail and I absolutely understand that these are crisis times. I desire you're coping well.

"I will take a look at in with you next month just to evaluate how your company's state of affairs is progressing in popular, and the way you're doing individually.

"Meantime cling in there and wash your fingers. (insert smile emoji if you like.)"

Email from Prospect #4:


"This is a horrible time for people in our market to make any sort of shopping for decision as they must travel to work with us. So, we are not fascinated at the moment... "


"Thanks in your e-mail and I desire you and your circle of relatives are doing Okay.

"Interestingly, our market research suggests us that people are going online these days even extra than typical. I guess they have a variety of time on their arms at home. (insert smile emoji if you like.)

"Anyway, with any luck this case will skip as governments get a take care of of checking out and quarantining their populations-much like China, South Korea, and Japan have accomplished. The unfold there has slowed drastically.

"As things begin getting again to everyday, I'd like to reconnect with you to evaluate your plans for the 0.33 and fourth quarter. Would subsequent month be an awesome time to reconnect?

"Let me recognise and be properly... "

The thing to don't forget with most of these emails is that you are acknowledging the situations they're managing (all of us are dealing with), and but you also are suggesting timeframes to get again in touch with them. In doing so, you continue to be in control of the income scenario.

As always, adapt these responses for your product, carrier, and business enterprise, and make sure to be empathetic yet do use the middle selling abilities that help you in addition the communication and the sale.