Coronavirus: What To Do?

So, what to do inside the context of the coronavirus to protect our fitness (other than washing arms and self-separating)? I advocate we move returned to fundamentals, particularly: water, air, sun and earth. These are fundamental assets, available freely from nature. As an aside: word that even wherein those primary herbal energy resources had been no longer to be had till these days because of environmental pollutants, the drastic measures we had been taking to minimize the unfold of the coronavirus have simply allowed us to experience clearer waters, blue skies and fresher air (which Europeans can breathe from their balconies).

Coronavirus: What To Do?

Now, let us observe how water, air, sun and earth might interact with your frame, fortify it, and assist our immune device in those times of pandemic (but also in widespread). We all know that the body is ordinarily water (in fact, some thing like ninety nine.2% of the human frame is/have to be water). We also understand that toddlers are hydrated the most, even as older human beings are the most dehydrated a part of the populace. And we realize that as we age, we now not handiest emerge as regularly dehydrated however our immune system also declines. Note although that dehydration-weaker immune machine won't be an immediate causal courting, or as a minimum now not the handiest direct causal courting gambling out. Nevertheless, it is tough to overlook the sturdy correlation among hydration and immune device function. In truth, a similar correlation may be located within the characteristic of many other body parts and procedure. Thus, it isn't always a secret that dehydration frequently goes together with bronchial asthma, constipation, poor lymphatic drainage, migraines, persistent joint ache, fatigue, and so forth.

On the face of it, there is no question that hydration is possibly the number 1 thing we need to attend to if we want to attend to our health. But you probable knew that already. What you could have now not known, but, is that earth strength, oxygen and light assist hydration on a mobile level. Without grounding through the Earth, light from the Sun and oxygen from the Air, you could drink as plenty water as you want, and still stay dehydrated (and possibly bloated at the pinnacle of that).

Now, what's so unique approximately grounding, oxygen and mild such that it helps our cells take in water? Simplistically, for the absorption to take place there has to be motion of the water (inside and outside of the mobile thru the mobile membrane). In other phrases, water wishes to circulate. And it does so by using separating itself into poor and advantageous costs. Where water touches cellular membranes, it forms the so known as exclusion quarter, or EZ water (that is negatively charged water which excludes toxins and waste). The relaxation is fine. The negatively charged water enters the cells (and is able to accomplish that due to the fee separation). Once inside the mobile, the water starts to force numerous biochemical reactions (way to the terrible price), such as such that pertain to restore and regeneration. The undoubtedly charged water is excreted via exhalation, urination, sweat, etc. In a nutshell, the greater fee separation occurs within the water in the body, and the extra negatively charged water is being created, the more efficaciously the body capabilities. Importantly, grounding Earth electricity, oxygen and light (specially the infra-purple spectrum which, via the way, is usually blocked with the aid of glass) all make contributions to the charge separation and the formation of EZ water (i.E. Negatively charger water) therefore helping you live hydrated and boosting your immune machine characteristic, among many other things.

To conclude, Back TO Basics is perhaps one of the infinitely many lessons we may be capable of extract from the coronavirus disaster. In the context of obvious shortage of substances and sources (masks, disinfectants, vitamin C, medical personnel, etc.), Nature remains here to offer us its limitless energy sources: water, air, sun and earth. So it is time to be with Nature. Of route, the ones who've a back backyard are way extra fortunate than the ones stuck at the balconies but this in itself is an possibility to re-examine the alternatives we have made and perhaps simplify life so as to acquire happiness.