Coronavirus COVID-19: What To Make Of It and What To Learn From It

So, what's COVID-19 trying to tell us?

Pay attention
Coronavirus COVID-19: What To Make Of It and What To Learn From It

No other virus, battle, natural catastrophe or other comparable adversity has controlled to attract the COLLECTIVE attention in one of these powerful manner for a completely long time. The question what precisely we want to be aware of is complicated (as there are numerous things that we had been sweeping under the carpet). But is not it excellent that we are forced to sluggish down, live domestic, and (hopefully) reflect with out distractions on what's critical, what is valuable and what's really worth spending our lifestyles on. Of route, if we waste this treasured time on watching cute puppies and posting stupid videos on Facebook rather than taking note of what certainly matters, we are significantly missing the factor right here.
We are in all connected (in any other case referred to as "A lesson in Oneness")
If we ever wanted evidence that we are all related and that everything we contact (literally in addition to metaphorically) is hooked up to the whole thing else, now we have it. Finally (and hopefully) a massive awareness is beginning to sunrise on us: we can not preserve to "pee" in a single stop of the pool (i.E. The Planet) and pass swim in the other quit wondering that our shit may not trap up with us. We all swim in the same pool and something we do in that pool does come again to us. Thus, taking "grimy" production out of Europe into China (and this is simply one in all millions of examples of separation) cannot and does no longer serve Europe (or some other continent for that remember). For the shit necessarily comes lower back, because the virus spread is illustrating truly. Incidentally, is not it first-rate that a scenario that requires social isolation (i.E. Apparent separation) in truth intensifies the sensation that we're all connected, that we're all on this (and each different factor) collectively!
It's time for renewal
Old structures need to be torn down so we can begin clean (optimistically with new attention albeit with little sources). On the face of it, it isn't accidental that the virus has thus far centered the existence of on the whole vintage human beings with one,  or greater pre-existing conditions, i.E. Those are humans that should have been dead a while ago if it were not for the synthetic ways of extending lifestyles. But the synthetic existence-saving sources are now jogging out (no respiratory machines, no medical personnel or different resources). So that must make us rethink the life-saving technology that so many humans have come to depend on and have, as a result, relinquished non-public fitness obligations. What about that specialize in ailment prevention plans as an alternative (while the pandemic is over): healthful consuming, workout, meditating, and many others.? How many humans might have coronary heart disorder and diabetes (the 2 top situations that pass hand-in-hand with coronavirus deaths), if there was no junk meals or present day pressure?
Get comfortable with dying via making each moment of existence count number
Death in and of itself isn't always a tragedy. Rather, a wasted life is a tragedy. A individual who has lived with integrity, has contributed meaningfully to themselves and to the society, and has maintained great relationships throughout their existence time, has no regrets. This type of person is prepared to die anytime, and luckily. Become that character your self. Re-compare your priorities and start spending time on what matters. Let pass of the grudge. Start to experience which you are connected to all other people. Forgive. Feel more love and much less resentment. Stop living a sad lifestyles and your death won't be tragic both. They can each be a party.
So those are a number of the messages I assume we want to pay attention proper now. Of path, there are many different matters to be taken into consideration and plenty greater could be found out to us inside the route of this revel in. That's why we want to stay bendy, examine cautiously (pay attention), ask clever questions and retain to look for their solutions deep inside. This manner we are really taking advantage of the scenario by way of cleansing up our very own luggage. Any different behaviour (e.G. Impatience, frustration, anger and looking ahead to this blowing over so things can go back to "ordinary") is immature. We want a shift in focus (to shift the virus) and if we resist it, the virus will persist.